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Found in a pillowcase, the fabulous long-lost memoirs of a legendary Hollywood designer - and a genuine Australian original. Orry-Kelly created magic ... read more

Women I've Undressed - The Fabulous Life and Times of a Legendary Hollywood Designer and a Genuine Australian Original
$39.99 (AUD) inc GST
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Crashing through the myths around AustraliaAEs most famous artist, many of which he created himself as a masterful self-promoter, this book gives us, finally, the biography that Sidney Nolan deserves. In an authoritative biography th... read more

Sidney Nolan : A Life
$49.99 (AUD) inc GST
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Discover how architects design and live in their own homes

Architects Houses - Twenty Australian Homes
$79.99 (AUD) inc GST
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From India Hicks, a beautifully illustrated guide to achieving her famously undone, gloriously bohemian decorating style. Born from British and design royalty, India Hicks has forged a design empire from her family's enclave in ... read more

India Hicks: Island Style
$75.00 (AUD) inc GST
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'Flaubert believed that it was impossible to explain one art form in terms of another, and that great paintings required no words of explanation. Braque thought the ideal state would be reached when we said nothing at all ... read more

Keeping an Eye Open: Essays on Art
$45.00 (AUD) inc GST
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The Metropolitan Museum's annual Costume Institute exhibition is the most prestigious event of its kind--a remarkable, must-see spectacle. With subjects that both reflect the ... read more

Vogue and the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute: Parties, Exhibitions, People
$60.00 (AUD) inc GST
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This best-selling guide to decluttering your home from Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo takes readers step-by-step through her revolutionary KonMari Method for simplify... read more

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing
$30.00 (AUD) inc GST
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When Alexander McQueen committed suicide in February 2010, aged just 40, a shocked world mourned the loss of its most visionary fashion designer. McQueen had risen from humble beginnings as the youngest child of an East London taxi d... read more

Alexander McQueen
$29.99 (AUD) inc GST
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Vivienne Westwood is one of the icons of our age. Fashion designer, activist, co-creator of punk, global brand and grandmother; a true living legend. Her career has successfully spanned five decades and her work has influenced millio... read more

Vivienne Westwood
$49.99 (AUD) inc GST
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A glittering history of fashion in the 1990s, told through the lives of Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen. The 1950s had rock 'n' roll and the 60s had... read more

Champagne Supernovas - Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, and the 90s Renegades Who Remade Fashion
$19.99 (AUD) inc GST
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Author: Moleskine


Series:Fashion Unfolds

Talented and audacious, with working-class origins, Westwood embodies, in the popular imagination, one of the iconic figures in the mythology of the western: the outlaw who has managed to give the sheriff the slip and earn honour and... read more

Vivienne Westwood
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A haven. A work of art. A legacy. In 1998 Australian designer Stuart Rattle purchased the dilapidated Musk schoolhouse and surrounding grounds. Over the following few decades it was to become his most enduring project - a true l... read more

Stuart Rattle's Musk Farm
$39.99 (AUD) inc GST
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A richly illustrated glimpse into the life of an artist whose timeless fabric designs grace home furnishings the world over.

$59.99 (AUD) inc GST
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In Why You Can Build It Like That, John Zukowsky examines buildings from the past half century or so that pushed the boundaries of what was architecturally acceptable when they were built. 100 stri... read more

Why You Can Build it Like That - Modern Architecture Explained
$22.00 (AUD) inc GST
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Flowers provide that special something that can take an event into the realms of the extraordinary, and internationally renowned florist Saskia Havekes has helped create some of our most spectacular celebrations, from weddings... read more

Grandiflora Celebrations
$69.99 (AUD) inc GST
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Author: Piet Oudolf


Piet Oudolf is best known for his now-iconic designs for the High Line in New York City and Millennium Park in Chicago. Hummelo, his own garden in The Netherlands, is visited by thousands of gardeners each year. It serves as his personal desi... read more

$90.00 (AUD) inc GST
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Celebrated interior designer and renowned tastemaker Charlotte Moss turns her eye to the garden as a resource for interiors, entertaining, and good living. Charlotte Moss's greatest muse is the garden, and this book sh... read more

Charlotte Moss: Garden Inspirations
$85.00 (AUD) inc GST
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Cities are fascinating places that attract growing numbers of people every year. They offer seemingly unlimited opportunities and a vibrant cultural life. And people's homes are as varied as the cities themselves. Living in Style Ci... read more

Living in Style: City
$99.00 (AUD) inc GST
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This publication asks the simple question of how Finnish designers are able to create such innovative and beautiful works. Through interviews and documented home visits to twelve different Finnish designer... read more

Finnish Designers at Home - 12 Inspiring Lifestyles
$33.50 (AUD) inc GST
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Advanced Style is Ari Seth Cohen's blog-based-ode to the confidence, beauty and fashion that can only be achieved through the experience of a life lived gla... read more

Advanced Style
$45.00 (AUD) inc GST
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