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With her bestselling book, I Quit Sugar, Sarah Wilson helped tens of thousands of Australians to kick the habit. In I Quit Sugar for Life, Sarah shows you how to be sugar-free forever. Drawing on extensive research and her own tried and tested methods, Sarah has designed a program to help families and singles banish cravings ... read more

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The Dukan Diet is a unique 4-step programme, combining two steps to lose your unwanted weight and two steps to keep it off for good: Step 1: Attack For 2-7 days eat as much as you want of 72 protein-rich foods. Step 2: Cruise Continue eating the protein-rich foods with the addition of 28 vegetables. Step 3: Consolidation Add ... read more

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From the author of the bestselling 5:2 Fast Diet and Fast Diet Recipe Book - - Mimi Spencer presents the super-fast 6-week programme to kickstart your Fast Diet for summer. Based on the original, bestselling Fast Diet, this modified approach will take you off cruise control and give your 5:2 lifestyle a summer-time turbo boos... read more

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IS IT POSSIBLE TO EAT WELL, MOST OF THE TIME, AND GET SLIMMER AND HEALTHIER AS YOU DO IT? WITH THE FAST DIET IT IS. This radical new approach to weight loss is the diet that everyone is talking about. It really is as simple as it sounds: you eat normally five days a week, then for just two days you cut your calories (500 for ... read more

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Life is all about choices. We all have the choice to have a body that is as fit and healthy as it can be. This can be achieved through optimal training, clean nutrition and adopting a positive lifestyle. Not only can we all attain this, this lifes... read more

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No matter how much exercise you work into your daily routine, you can't be in optimal condition if you're not eating right. With this in mind, Luke and Scott have created a collection of recipes that are easy to make, delicious to eat and, best of all, great for your overall wellbeing.The paleo diet - also known as the 'cavem... read more

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What is it really like to be a brain surgeon, to hold someone's life in your hands, to drill down into the stuff that creates thought, feeling and reason? How do you live with the consequences of performing a potentially life-saving operation when it all goes wrong? In this powerful, gripping and brutally honest account, one ... read more

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Packed full of practical information and inspirational examples, Live Happier, Live Long will be the ultimate guide to achieving happiness for Australia's 3 million people over 65.

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Every parent of a teenage boy knows there are certain conversations they must have with their son. But too often they put them off - or don't have them at all - because they simply don't know where to start. Internationally recognised in the field of raising and educating boys, Dr Tim Hawkes provides practical, accessible and... read more

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Australian Children's Laureate, book lover and dyslexia sufferer Jackie French gives a wonderful insight into how you can help your child discover a world of books. Does your child love books, but can't stay still long enough to focus on reading one? Would you like to improve your child's reading ability? Don't know where to ... read more

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In the frightening world of tiger mums, little emperors and helicopter parenting, can any mother ever be good enough? Dilvin Yasa thinks probably not. In fact, she's pretty sure mothers have been sold a dodgy lot of unrealistic standards, with a good dollop of guilt to serve. Dilvin draws extensively and often hilariously on ... read more

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The way we nurture our babies, from their earliest moments, has a lifelong effect on their health and happiness. What many of us have known instinctively is now a matter of science. Study after study proves that how we hold, feed, play with and settle our babies is a major factor in their long-term wellbeing. Dr Howard Chilto... read more

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A revolutionary new approach to caring for your baby from a respected Australian GP. Did you know there are things that you can do to help your baby cry and fuss less in the first 16 weeks? Did you know that many parents' nights are unnecessarily disrupted? The Discontented Little Baby Book doesn't promise magic cures.

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Far from being the work of a madman, Anders Breivik's murderous rampage in Norway was the action of an extreme narcissist. As the dead lay around him, he held up a finger asking for a Band-Aid. Written with the pace of a psychological thriller, The Life of I is a compelling account of the rise of narcissism in individuals and... read more

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Like the revolutionary bestsellers *Predictably Irrational* and *Emotional Intelligence*, *Sensation* is an exciting, completely new view of human behaviour — a new psychology of physical intelligence (or embodied cognition) — that explains how the body unconsciously affects our everyday decisions and choices, wri... read more

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Confronting and solving problems is a painful process which most of us attempt to avoid. Avoiding resolution results in greater pain and an inability to grow both mentally and spiritually. Drawing heavily on his own professional experience, Dr M. Scott Peck, a psychiatrist, suggests ways in which facing our difficulties - and... read more

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This is not just another happiness book. In Happiness by Design, happiness and behavior expert Paul Dolan combines the latest insights from economics and psychology to illustrate that in order to be happy we must behave happy Our happiness is experiences of both pleasure and purpose over time and it depends on what we ac... read more

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100 Days Happier is a collection of inspirational messages and quotes, based on the bestselling book The Happiness Code and its Ten Keys, motivating and encouraging the reader to be the best they can be. So many people are waiting to feel happy, they think they will be happy when they have this or they've done that, that perh... read more

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