A fly-on-the-wall account of the greatest drama in modern sporting history by the New York Times cycling correspondent. As Lance Armstrong's precipitous fall from grace continues, New York Times sports reporter Juliet Macur takes the reader behind the scenes to bring to life the astonishing twists and turns of the scandal tha... read more

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Precious Ramotswe, that cheerful Botswanan private investigator of 'traditional build', is now married to Mr J.L.B. Matekoni of Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors. The Agency is busy, but Mma Ramotswe cannot ignore the plea which is made by a woman who comes to her with a tale of particular misfortune. Unfortunately, her attempts to... read more

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Arthur Mailey's classic autobiography, first published in 1958, is a wry and engaging account by a talented cricketer from a very different era - full of zest, varied, quick, shifting the point of attack, sometimes extravagant, frequently brilliant and always thoughtful. For fifty years, Arthur Mailey played and watched first... read more

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Have all the football facts at your fingertips ready for the 2014 World Cup. Learn to shoot like Suarez and dribble like Messi with The Football Book, the ultimate visual guide to planet football - revised and updated to include details of all the stats, goal tallies and cup wins. You can also follow the excitement of the Bra... read more

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Here is an alphabetically presented, richly illustrated guide to 88 of the most creative bicycle makers working today, includes established names such as Achielle, Cielo Cycles and Corima and new kids on the block such as Art & Industry, Bondi Beach Cruisers and Foffa, as well as product designers (Torkel Dohmers, Marc Ne... read more

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It's a sad fact of flyfishing that there is no prescriptive manual for ensuring success. It is an activity that defies simple evaluation, with enough variables to leave even the experts scratching their heads from time to time. For example, why is it that a trout will respond to a certain fly one day, but ignore it entire... read more

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Completely updated edition of this best seller with details of over 17 new species, as well as three new chapters with extra tips on fishing techniques, details of when a particular fish is in season and the ever important facts about whether the species is edible or not. Sections also include where to find a particular speci... read more

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This impressive volume showcases the finest golf resorts around the globe. All these hotels enjoy a unity of style that ties together interiors and exteriors. All corners of the earth and every type of setting are represented. This outstanding collection shows fine architecture and interiors set amidst lush, manicured greens ... read more

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When Shane Crawford debuted for Hawthorn Football Club in 1993, little did he know what an amazing future awaited him. The kid from tiny Finley in New South Wales would become a champion of the game, the heart and soul of his club, and a successful media performer. Crawf's seventeen seasons with the Hawks were far from easy ... read more

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Whenever an august figure departs the world of cricket, The Daily Telegraph records a decorous tribute. There will certainly be an obituary - in days of yore penned by the doyen of cricket writers, E.W. Swanton, in recent times unafraid to be a lot more whimsical, waspish, and even extremely funny. There will often be an appr... read more

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It was to raise funds for the repair of a broken pony roller, so essential for the upkeep of the lawns at their ground in Nursery Lane, Wimbledon, that the All England Croquet Club first decided to hold a tennis tournament. From those humble beginnings in 1877 The Championships at Wimbledon have grown to become one of the wo... read more

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Details more than 200 key racetracks around the world, including and featuring every Group One track. Information includes races, location, track conditions, race history, famous incidents and winners. An unbelievably thorough listing that will fascinate any fan of racing.

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Stuart O'Grady is one of Australia's best-loved cyclists with a long and successful career in cycling for Australia and as a professional road cyclist. The record holder for most starts in a Tour de France ever, as well as an Olympic gold medallist and winner of the Green Jersey on four occasions, O'Grady is one of cycling's ... read more

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Fifty Places to Ski and Snowboard Before You Die - the tenth book in Chris Santella's popular "Fifty Places" series - takes readers on a tour de force of some of the world's most inspiring ski/snowboard areas. Based on interviews with leading ski/snowboarding experts, the book explores the rich history, personalities - and mo... read more

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In 100 years, surfing in Australia has morphed from exotic Pacific Island curio to regimented training for life savers, from counter culture revolution to respectable mainstream sport. Along the way, it has shaped our coastal migrations, spawned vast business empires and design innovations, produced sports stars and spectacul... read more

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Chris Burkard's photographs are puncutated by energized landscapes and moments of bliss, by adventure seeking and the lifestyle that it encompasses, and by movement and intuitive light-working capabilities. With the ocean as his main muse, Burkard has consistenly captured this subject in timeless and expansive photographic im... read more

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Do you know the difference between a head tube and a headset? Can you tell whether a frame is made from steel or carbon fibre? Do you know how a derailleur works and why it revolutionized bike design? If not, this is the perfect guide for you. The Bike Deconstructed celebrates bicycle design by looking at its individual compo... read more

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The wisdom of the elders...Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Peter Thomson, Kel Nagle, Sir Bob Charles, David Graham, Bill Dunk, Peter Toogood, Jack Newton, Bob Shearer, Ian Stanley, Jan Stephenson, Bruce Devlin, Graham Marsh, Bruce Crampton, Frank Phillips and Norman Von Nida share their collective ecperiences. Folklore, archival ... read more

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Gideon Haigh, Australia's best cricket writer, analyses and captures the drama of every day's play in the historic double Ashes series of 20130-14. Between July 2013 and January 2014 Test cricket's original rivals, Australia and England, played out their ultimate showdown: ten Test matches, five on each side of the world. The... read more

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An update to the extraordinary story of this powerful family and their exploits. Never far from controversy, Gai Waterhouse was again in the headlines after her front-page falling out with Singoo and now her son, Tom Waterhouse, who has inadvertently become the face of online-gambling and has attracted his own notoriety at Ch... read more

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