A memoir that explores the fragility and meaning of life, even if you happen to be a Wallaby legend. It's the unthinkable for anyone - to be blind-sided by a life-threatening illness in the prime of life, with no prior warning and no time ... read more

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Golf at the top of your game. From course etiquette to golf travel tips to playing in the rain, this book is packed with Stuff Every Golfer Should Know. The next book in Quirk's Stuff series, Stuff Every Golfer Should Know ... read more

Stuff Every Golfer Should Know
$14.99 (AUD) inc GST
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'Everyone treated him like a god, but he just wanted to be treated like a normal bloke.' - Tommy Peterson Australian surfing's cult hero lived two lives. In the 1970s 'MP' became the best surfer in t... read more

MP Untold - the Lost Stories of an Australian Surfing Legend
$34.99 (AUD) inc GST
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This official guide for younger readers contains everything they need to become true RWC2015 experts. There are easy-to-follow team and star player profiles, complemented by outstanding big-match photographs in wh... read more

The Official Rugby World Cup 2015 Factfile
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Big-wave surfing has long been a part of the sport, but this subculture of the surf world is now moving out of the fringes. The current generation of surfers is continually reinventing the limits, making... read more

The Finest Line: The Global Pursuit of Big-Wave Surfing
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What happened at Essendon, what happened at Cronulla, is only part of the story. From the basement office of a suburban football club to the seedy corners of Peptide Alley to the polished corridors of Parliament House, The Straight Do... read more

The Straight Dope
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Precious Ramotswe, that cheerful Botswanan private investigator of 'traditional build', is now married to Mr J.L.B. Matekoni of Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors. The Agency is busy, but Mma Ramotswe can... read more

In the Company of Cheerful Ladies (No 1 Ladies' Detective agency #6)
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It's a sad fact of flyfishing that there is no prescriptive manual for ensuring success. It is an activity that defies simple evaluation, with enough variables to leave even the experts scratching their heads from time to time. For examp... read more

Fishing Sense
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Author: David Remnick


Series:Modern Library (Paperback)

For more than eighty years, "The New Yorker" has been home to some of the toughest, wisest, funniest, and most moving sportswriting around. "The Only Game in Town" is a classic collection from a magazine... read more

The Only Game in Town: Sportswriting from the New Yorker
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An action-packed ride through the history of the motorbike "The Motorbike Book" is all about the men, machines and landmark technology behind the most iconic bikes from ACE to Zundapp. Featuring over 1,000... read more

The Motorbike Book (The Definitive DK Visual History)
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Completely updated edition with over 17 new species, comprising 3 new chapters including extra tips on fishing techniques, when a particular fish is in season and the e... read more

The Complete Fishing Bible : Third Edition: Everything You Need to Know About Fishing in Australia
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Author: Benjamin Lorr


A remarkable investigation into the world of Bikram Yoga, by turns shocking, hilarious and enlightening. Hell-Bent explores the fascinating, often surreal world of Bikram Yoga, a style taught to millions by a very living guru, Bikram Choudh... read more

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Capturing the perfect wave. Tapping into the archives of America's most important surf photographer of the '60s and '70s. At a time when surfing is more popular than ever, it's fitting to look back at the years that ... read more

Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s
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The photographs here are ones that havent made the cut previously, or that Ive noticed in the meantime pictures that didnt seem important when they were taken (mainly from the mid-1960s until around 1978... read more

John Witzig: These Are (Mostly) Pictures You've Never Seen
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Details more than 200 key racetracks around the world, including and featuring every Group One track. Information includes races, location, track conditions, race history, famous incidents and winners. An unbelievably thorough listing that will fascinate any fan of racing.

Great Race Tracks of the World
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In 100 years, surfing in Australia has morphed from exotic Pacific Island curio to regimented training for life savers, from counter culture revolution to respectable mainstream sport. Along the wa... read more

Australia's Century of Surf How a Big Island at the Bottom of the
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From Jack London to Joyce Carol Oates, The Hurt Business is the ultimate boxing book covering a century of the greatest fighter and the writers who have followed 'the sweet science'. Beginning with ... read more

The Hurt Business: A Century of the Greatest Writing on Boxing
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Porsche by Design, a collection of personal perspectives on Porsche, accompanies the first automotive design exhibition at the North Carolina Museum of Art. Editor and guest curator Ken Gross provides detailed description... read more

Porsche by Design: Seducing Speed
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The Compleat Angler is the most famous book ever published in the literature of sport. It is also a work whose unique celebration of the English countryside has attracted readers around the world since it first appeared in 1653. Iza... read more

The Compleat Angler
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The fastest growing form of recreation today, outdoor adventure sports compel countless individuals to push the boundaries, challenge the elements, and seek out the world's most beautiful and remote regi... read more

The Art of Adventure - Outdoor Sports from Sea to Summit
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