Train trips are classic yet very of the moment. Whether a quick escape through the Alps or a getaway from coast to coast lasting several days, this book takes its readers for a ride through beautiful routes on... read more

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Dream Cars presents eighteen concept cars built between 1933 and 2001, each revealing the progress and possibility of automobile engineering. The ever-evolving world of car design is marked by innovation and st... read more

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Through an extraordinary selection from the Beken Marine Photography Archive of the work of four generations of famous photographers (the Beken family), this book retraces the fundamental stages of the evolution of the unsurpassabl... read more

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There aren't many other ways to better escape everyday woes than on a motorbike. They invoke emotions and a longing for adventure. Form and precision define these machines as timeless and important cultural objects. Simply put, moto... read more

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Legends of the Tour is a dynamic, insightful and affectionate portrait of the Tour de France, the world's most famous cycling race. A selection of international cycling writers share thei... read more

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This is the definitive visual history of the automobile. "The Car Book" stylishly shows you everything you might want to know about the history of the automobile. With stunning visual images and over 2,000 cars ... read more

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A lavish survey of the world's most prestigious yacht clubs. Yachting is steeped in tradition, and this handsome volume is a gorgeous, refined collection of the world's top yacht clubs, where sportsmanship is combined with an app... read more

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Cars are frequently an expression of their owners' personalities and the wealth of examples included here along with their owners' stories are testament to the importance many of us attach to safeguar... read more

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An action-packed ride through the history of aircraft. "The Aircraft Book" is all about the men, machines, and landmark technology behind the most iconic aircraft from the Supermarine Spitfire to the Concorde... read more

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This title deals with the fascination and excitement of world railway history, from Stephenson's Rocket to the modern age. With splendid illustrations and a sparkling narrative, it charters the fundamental stages and main... read more

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The motorcycle is back! The Ride is about custom motorcycles as motorcycles are meant to be and the people who build and drive them. The motorcycle is back! Similar to the fresh contemporary scene that has est... read more

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Without having to rely on the power of engines, sailing yachts glide effortlessly through the waves, fulfilling dreams of freedom, adventure, luxury or relaxation. Next to the challenges posed by using materi... read more

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Definite visual history and glorious celebration of all things train and track. The Train Book traces the history and role of trains from the first steam engines to diesel engines and then to today's high-speed bullet trains. You'll take... read more

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Featuring all new material including high-end cars, yachts, jets, watches, and custom-made shoes, as well as exquisite tennis clubs and skiing regions, plus all the latest electronic gadgets.

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The timeless beauty of antique automobiles elicits an emotional reaction, and avid collectors will spend millions on vintage models for the nostalgia they evoke. A model's value is a combination of its rarity and also the quality and prid... read more

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Published to coincide with Maserati’s one-hundredth anniversary, this lavishly produced volume celebrates the glamour and excellence of Italian automotive style and design. Maserati traces the history of the legendary Italian luxury sp... read more

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A well-built sailing vessel is a thing to behold, regarded for centuries - by both sailor and landlubber alike - as a sight so magnificent as to rival the light of the moon or th... read more

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The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles is a celebration of the design history and craftsmanship behind this simple but efficient two-wheeled vehicle. Featuring fifty classic models built b... read more

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Author: Tony Mitton

 Picture Books

Series:Amazing Machines S.

Ahoy there! Bob along with our jolly crew of animal characters as they explore the water in sailing boats, rowing boats, ferry boats, motor boats and more. Learn all about how they work in this fun-filled picture book.

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Spiffing gift book for aviation fanatics everywhere. Hello chaps! You know, I've spent the best years of my life in dogfights flying some of the world's finest aeroplanes - now I find all my favourites are ... read more

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