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Australia was the only OECD country not to have gone into recession during the GFC. Our standard of living is one of the highest in the world, and we're a multicultural mix of talented migrants from all over the world. We've be... read more

Australia's Second Chance
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When WikiLeaks first came to prominence in 2010, releasing millions of top secret State Department cables, the world saw for the first time what the US really thought about national leaders, friendly dictato... read more

Wikileaks Files - The World According to US Empire
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'I will continue my work on my land, building a future. It is the only thing that is certain to me now and I want to advance while I can. I am trying to light the fire in our young men and women. We are setting fire... read more

Tradition Truth & Tomorrow Short Black 12
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A delightful and original look at the role of chance and outrageous fortune when it comes to politics - with a strong Australian focus.The Luck of Politics is full of amazing and interesting fa... read more

The Luck of Politics: True Tales of Disaster and Outrageous Fortune
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This ground-breaking new book will reveal the story of Australia's greatest political crisis with fresh interviews, the discovery of new archival material and a dramatic reinterpretation of events that will surprise readers. The treasure ... read more

Dismissal (HB)
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From Paul Mason, the award-winning Channel 4 presenter, Postcapitalism is a guide to our era of seismic economic change, and how we can build a more equal society. Over the past two centuries or so, capitalism has unde... read more

Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future
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Beset by spin and the battle to win each news cycle, contemporary politics is mired in short-term thinking. Too little time is given to considering creative ways in which we could tackle key issues - a lagging edu... read more

Two Futures: Australia at a Critical Moment
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In this gorgeously illustrated book, join Betty Churcher on a personal tour of her most beloved works, including masterpieces by Rembrandt, Goya, Manet, Velazquez, Courbet, Vermeer and Cezanne. A trained artist, Betty's sketches reveal the ... read more

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Why has inequality increased in the Western world - and what can we do about it? In The Great Divide, Joseph E Stiglitz expands on the diagnosis he offered in his best-selling book The Price of Inequality and suggests ways to counter this... read more

Great Divide
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Advanced Australia explores the politics of ageing in Australia. The addition of 25 years to average life expectancy in Australia over the past century is a monumental achievement, but many commentators are greeti... read more

Advanced Australia the Politics of Ageing
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In World Order, Henry Kissinger - one of the leading practitioners of world diplomacy and author of On China - makes his monumental investigation into the 'tectonic plates' of global h... read more

World Order: Reflections on the Character of Nations and the Course of History
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Peter Reith was a senior federal Cabinet minister from 1996 to 2001. He was the face of the Coalition government's tough waterfront reforms, a major contributor to the Fightback! policy, a potential leader of the Liberal Party, the arc... read more

The Reith Papers
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The author of "The French", "Happiness" and "A History of French Passions" writes about the history of human feelings, habits, emotions and perceptions across time. From Vikings and Aztecs to contemporary hypochondriacs, f... read more

Intimate History of Humanity, An
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Shah Of Shahs
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Graham Freudenberg, Australia's greatest speechwriter, says "the Australian Labor Party was built on speeches." This book brings together great Labor speeches which give voice to the party's endu... read more

For The True Believers: Great Labor Speeches That Shaped History
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In The Whitlam Mob, Mungo gives a sharp, witty and very personal account of the main characters of the Whitlam years - from Gough and Margaret to Lionel Murphy, Bill Hayden and Jim Cairns. Due attention is also given to 'the other mob' ... read more

The Whitlam Mob
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Countering the atheist claim that believers are by default violent fanatics and religion is the cause of all major wars, Karen Armstrong demonstrates that religious faith is not inherently violent. In fact... read more

Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence
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Featuring a new introduction in response to Julia Gillard's memoir, this revised edition brings Paul Kelly's masterpiece on the Rudd-Gillard years up to the present. Drawing on more than sixty on-the-record interviews with all the ma... read more

Triumph and Demise
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