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During the summer of 2014, an adorable bull terrier went viral on the internet.
The owner, Brazilian visual artist Rafael Mantesso, was recently divorced and left with not much except his small unfurnished apartment with white w... read more

Dog Named Jimmy, A
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Nabokov's Favourite Word is Mauve is a playful look at what the numbers have to say about our favourite authors and their classic books. Journalist and statistician Ben Blatt asks the questions that have intrigued curio... read more

Nabokov's Favourite Word is Mauve
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Forget Baby Love. The Chaser has written the definitive guide to parenting in the modern age. Jam packed with 100 pages of spurious information. Including- - Why you shouldn't become a parent in the first ... read more

The Chaser's Guide to Parenting: the Chaser, Issue 7
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Lee Lin Chin - fashionista, newsreader, Gold Logie loser, social media superstar and Prime Chinister of Australia - has finally deigned to write an advice book. Here she shares her views on all the important t... read more

Iced Beer and Other Tantalising Tips for Life
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In this special anthology of quotations, humanity's greatest thinkers and poets capture the unique bond between mother and child. With over 100 moving quotes from writers throughout the centuries - from Shakespeare to Salinger, Ma... read more

In Praise of Mothers
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A "New York Times" bestseller! The one and only Dr. Seuss dispenses invaluable advice about life in this collection of his most memorable quotes. Featuring over sixty pages of c... read more

Seuss-Isms!: A Guide to Life for Those Just Starting Out...and Those Already on Their Way
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A hilarious book-length listicle of Australian bizarro by the editor of BuzzFeedOz. Deadly spiders that survive for days under water ... Centipedes so big they poison snakes ... Prehistoric monsters 'patrolling' o... read more

88 Reasons Why Australia is the Craziest
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Do you prefer applesauce (Heaven's Gate) to Kool-Aid (People's Temple)? Do you think carrots are "the Food of the Masters" (The Church Universal and Triumphant) or that swimming a... read more

Which Cult Should I Join?: A Choose-Your-Own Guidebook for the Spiritually Bereft
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Pistache (pis-tash): a friendly spoof or parody of another's work. [Deriv uncertain. Possibly a cross between pastiche and p**stake.] From the writer of such brilliant parodies as "Thomas Hardy's football report and Dan Brown's visit to the cash dispenser comes another collection of witty pastiches.

Pistache Returns
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PENGUIN BLOOM is a unique journey of recovery and an extraordinary celebration of life, featuring Cameron Bloom's exceptional photographs and a captivating narrative by NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Bradley Trevor Greive. Penguin t... read more

Penguin Bloom
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Apostrophes are a pain. The rules about how to use them are complicated, and have evolved haphazardly. Originally written as advice by a copywriter for designers - who tend to insert and remove apostrophes at will, for visual eff... read more

Fucking Apostrophes
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Banksy's amazing street art works analysed according to their location and social and political context by street art specialist, Xavier Tapies. From the early days in Bristol to his latest works. A must for every Banksy aficionado.

Where's Banksy?
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